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Creative Footprint


  • Space


  • Concept

    The short documentary ‘Tresor’ is part of a series made by Juliana Matos for ‘The Creative Footprint’ in March 2017. It allows us the opportunity to dive into the history of Berlin’s famous club scene and creative places. The purpose of the non-profit initiative is not only focussed on showing the club’s beauty and extraordinary uniqueness that so many people from all over the world have come to love, it’s also to showcase the importance of the space within the fabric of the city’s culture. Their motivation is to keep the mystic of the city alive and fight against gentrification, which is the force that many of these quintessentially Berlin institutions are being coming up against, being pushed out of the city center, at te expense of these neighbourhoods’ flourishing culture.

  • Time


Mojo creative talents
  • Film & Edit // Felix Schmid

  • Sound Design // Felix SCHMID

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