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  • Space

    London Paris
    Berlin Barcelona

  • Concept

    Every year Levi’s celebrates the 501 day to honor their most famous jeans all around the world. For 2017 we were asked to create a concept for a social activation. Our idea was to put the Levis community into the spotlight, people who truly love the jeans and wear them every day. A big part of this Idea was to compose a new anthem for the 501 day out of organic sounds from tailor shops and factories. To film and record the sounds we traveled to all the big cities in europe which represent the brand, the freedom and the spirit of a new young generation that wear this classic jeans. Through Instagram influencers we succeed to reach the Levi’s communities and made them participate in creating the content of this film.

  • Time


Mojo creative talents
  • Art Direction //
    Hugo LAI, Jeremy TWEEDT

  • Sound Design //
    Felix SCHMID

  • Film Direction //
    Alexis Pazoumian


48 hour film