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  • Space

    London Paris
    Berlin Barcelona

  • Concept

    The 501, iconic model of the brand now has its world day dedicated: the 501 day. For the occasion, the brand entrusted us with the European digital activation of the event.
    Our goal: to bring together and engage the Levi's community.
    Between the influencers and the lovers of the brand, the celebration has exploded the scores!

  • Time


levis poster

01The Activation

Give the community the opportunity to participate in the creation of a collaborative hymn to celebrate 501 jeans. On Instagram, influencers and fans Levi's proposed their best move or pause with their favourite levis jeans and with the # 501day. We picked the best moves from the participants and featured them in the official 501 day music video.

levis activation

02The Music

We have sampled sounds from the factory and tailor shop to compose the original soundtrack of the 501 Day. Our goal was to create an inspirational and powerful mash up track that would perfectly fit with the DNA of the brand and give you the goose bumps!

03The Result

10 countries involved in the operation. 63 influencers. 8 million views and 260 million impressions!

countries icon10 countries
influencers icon63 influencers
instagram icon8 million views
instagram icon260 million impressions

Mojo creative talents
  • Art Direction //
    Hugo LAI, Jeremy TWEEDT

  • Sound Design //
    Felix SCHMID

  • Film Direction //
    Alexis Pazoumian


48 hour film